the closest thing to fall, a peaceful row, and this is my comfort

Thursday might be the first day of fall, but the closest thing I have to fall right now is this candle:

I can't even tell you how excited I am for cooler temps, pumpkins, birthdays, and hay rides!! October is just my favorite month, and I am counting the minutes until the 1st. :D

Even through the summer, I always enjoy the early morning because the house is so much cooler. I get to pretend it's cold and wear robes, fleece, and coffee on Sunday before church... :D

With so many house projects, so much c.r.a.z.y happening right now, our Sunday worship service truly feels like a sanctuary of peace (once we get there, anyway). I can't believe we take an entire row now. :) These are my sweet little people:

And then Monday happened all over again- after a busy weekend, we had to break out of the schoolroom and sing our memory work while we brought at least a little order back to the house:

Cleaning with kids is always an adventure in sanctification... :) Someone dumped out their dustpan on top of a broken umbrella, on top of a full trashcan:

Then, within a few seconds of our discovering it, one of our children unintentionally hit the umbrella and knocked it all on the floor. But it didn't even surprise me, because things like this happen ALL THE TIME. If I wrote it all down, I'm pretty sure we'd have enough material for a daily sit-com. :D

So that's been our weekend/week so far. :) The last few days we've been feeling overwhelmed with all we need to do as a family, and how little time in which it feels we have to do it. Rob and I have been praying about it too, and I am sure that God will help us use our time wisely (and see where we're wasting it)! It's so hard to see what to do next in the thick of it! 

Planning helps me get motivated to do something (if it's broken into chunks, anyway!). I took a breather after school yesterday and made a new planning sheet for the "big rocks" I want to accomplish everyday:

I filled it out last night and crossed off four out of my five Monday squares. It felt so good. :D If it seems to work after a week trial, I'll upload it here for you if you'd like! :) 

To fight the feeling of overwhelm, I'm keeping the to-do list short and sweet this week:

// do //
help Rob work on kitchen/projects (I'm the clean-up crew because tools + Mandy don't mix!)
answer email
blog as possible
exercise every day
read 1 John + do this week's study
write new workouts
wash all sheets
read CC notes for next week
fix Mac (my OS is going crazy with the latest update!)

Oh, how I need the Lord to teach me to number my days, even more and more. My heart feels torn in so many places, and we're in a season of waiting on the Lord as He directs our steps, and I don't want to fear whatever may be next. He is always our Good Shepherd, and I feel like I just want to stay right by His leg and touch His cloak for comfort (The Word, the Holy Spirit, and prayer has been this leg, cloak, and comfort for me at every turn!!) We're trusting that He's leading us exactly where He wants us to go, and we know His purposes for us are for our good and His glory. And remembering that gives me SO much joy!!

What gives you comfort in the Lord when you're waiting on Him? :)