the evolution of a gallery wall

You know you must be short on time when it takes you almost a year to hang a gallery wall after you find the pictures. :D

Our entryway needed something on the wall (my opinion, not Rob's ;) ):

Last YEAR I found some matching Scripture prints on sale, and bought a few frames, and only months later we got to this stage: ;)

And months after spray painting the frames twice and reassembling them all, I was happy to get to this point with the templates on the wall:

And because I stink at hanging things, I begged my sweet husband to do it for me and he said YES!! :D

And it was finally, finally done. :D

Of course, I bought the whole alphabet set to save money so now I have the other 18 letters left to put somewhere else in the house: 

At this rate, they might be on the wall by 2020. :D