birthday celebrations + serious cake fails: part 1

At our house, we have three big birthdays in a single October week: mine, Elijah's, and Rob's. It's always 6+ days of cake, yummy food, and partying. :D 

This year's celebration all started when my mom came down and watched the kiddos for us a week ago Saturday, while I went shopping solo (Rob worked, good man!), and ate this gorgeous salad in complete silence: (!!!!!)

He gave me some birthday money to go shopping, and though I didn't end up finding much, I really enjoyed the alone time without everyone waiting anxiously for my return. :D It's the little things these days. You never know how much you take an easy day without deadlines for granted until you have 8 million things to do all the time. :D 

That Saturday night we went on a date and as hard as we tried to stay out late, we came back at like 8:30 or 9 p.m. :D We're old people now and I think we will happily accept the status. :D 

Then my real birthday began last week with one of my favorite parts of being a mama:

My dad watched the kids that day while Rob whisked me away for lunch and the chance to visit the sporting goods store to pick up a new water bottle! :)

It was perfect, just perfect. The entire day I was just overwhelmed at how wonderful it all was.

Of course, with school keeping us busy the rest of the week, Thursday came lightning fast. On that momentous day I became the proud mother of a teen: :D

I'm hoping I get this mother-of-a-teenage-boy thing. :D I tried to speak his love language of oddly-flavored junk food (cajun pickle chips and his favorite, jalapeno):

I think it worked. :D

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, barbecue out for lunch...

Three pans of lasagna for dinner (we only ate one, surprise!):

And one massive chocolate cake wreck for dessert, and I think he was finally full. 😂

(psssss: you know I must love you dearly to show you that cake. 😂)

It was a lovely week of... eating merriment, and I still have so much left to share from Thursday until Monday! We partied so hard for Rob's birthday we hardly had time to stop, and I have to break it all up into two posts. :P

Obviously reaching middle age is an event worth celebrating around here. ;)