fall birthdays (part 2), she's mine, and a rare sight

Our October birthday celebrations continued through the weekend to Rob's birthday on Sunday. We went to church, went to eat buffet pizza (his fave), and then went to another sporting goods store to pick up a heavy dumbbell for mid-workday lifting. Of course, he picked out a 50 lb. dumbbell that I can hardly lift. :D That one is all his!

Ivy-loo must be my daughter because I feel exactly like this when I get new weights:  :P

Then it was off to a fantastic Christian play with the whole fam:

I can't believe how big these oldest boys and girls are getting. They enjoyed all the sword-fighting and singing as much as we did. :D

Rob's parents surprised us by joining us at the play and then took us all out for dinner afterward. Rob's mom snapped one of our very few pictures of all 8 of us together (and hey, we're ALL looking!!!):

And after the flurry of birthdays it was back to real life on Monday with homeschool, a big certification test on Tuesday for me, CC on Wednesday, and major kitchen/living area renovations happening in the midst of it all..... :)

Phew. Someday we just might finish this one. :D It takes days and days to get things done when you live in the middle of it. But we're making progress, and it's good! And plus, after painting four houses, we should be professionals by this point, right? :)

Maybe someday with all this great experience we'll finally remember to get the coffee out of the coffee drawer before we tape it down, because we all know no coffee = no painting. :D