our very first teenager


My sweet firstborn is a teenager today. I really don't know how we arrived here so quickly, but here we are, entering new and unfamiliar territory. 

It's awesome. 

What a gift from God he is. Almost 14 years ago, we were young, newly married, and felt the Lord pulling at our hearts to welcome children instead of preventing them. Right away, God blessed us with this strong yet tender-hearted boy:

I am in awe of God's plan. Through these little babies, God changed the trajectory of our selfish hearts and helped us realize that life was actually about more than us. That there were more important things to do with this life than to make big salaries and have two brand new cars and take all the luxury vacations we wanted.

God showed us over the years that there were bigger, eternal things to do, and one of them the Lord granted to us was to raise this baby disciple and teach him about Jesus and why we are on this earth.

But as it always seems to turn out, God has been using him to teach us too.

My heart bursts when he gives so generously, without any compulsion. Like my birthday card he made and the coffee he bought me with his brother just this week:

And oh how it aches with love too when I realize he's becoming a man already, caring for even the smallest of his siblings:

And then how delighted it feels when he tells witty jokes. :) 

This whole growing up thing is entirely bittersweet.

I wish time could stand still for a little while, but that's not what God gave us. Maturing into manhood is a good thing, and I am thankful for this opportunity to love him and that the Lord is revealing some of ourselves in who he is for both our joy and sanctification. :)

What a gift that I get to see my tiny baby grow up into adulthood.

Elijah, you are a precious blessing to me. I am so grateful to God for you and the man you are becoming.