the happiest of fall breaks

So this was my crazy-back-to-school-holding-two-crying-babies-why-is-a-knee-on-my-desk view today:  :D

It was a tough one. :) But hey, it's always a little chaotic getting back to school after a full 10 days off, and even more so with sickness and incoming molars. :) It was okay though, I had lots and lots of good memories from the last week to remind me that it isn't always crazy like today. :D 

Things like flowers from our date:

Memories of giant forts they built:

Times like these when they all got along for hours and hours reading on the porch:

Getting to share FREE bundt cake from an early birthday email:

Free birthday Starbucks too, and delightful discoveries like they have STEVIA now!! :D

Precious moments watching sweet little babies enamored with falling leaves, and listening to a 14-month-old saying "cheees" for trees: (ahhhhh my heart)

Leisurely daytime dates enjoying Zoe's pesto hummus with our little angry bird: 😂

Basking in the sunshine with a place to sit at the hardware store while the husband shopped:

Holding my youngest girls:

And taking silly pics with all my girls:

It's a sweet, sweet life. 

Even in the chaos and crazy, I'm so blessed to live it. :)