baby #7: 18 weeks and we're having a...

Today I thought I would share my first update for baby #7! I feel like I don't have much to report; everything is going super smoothly, and I couldn't be more thankful for that. :)

We had a midwife appointment last week and everything is looking good. :D It was a routine checkup, other than the OB panel I had to do. Oh my goodness, I do NOT like getting stuck with needles (another reason I birth at home!), so I hope someday these kiddos realize just how much their mama loved them. ;) But cute bandaids make it all better, right? (No. The answer is no. :P But they don't hurt!)

Here's that fun questionnaire I like to fill out to think of pregnancy-related topics. :)

How far along: 18+ weeks
Total weight gain: I have no idea! I feel like I'm right on track/normal, but thankfully I never have to weigh as long as I'm growing appropriately. :) 
Maternity clothes: Not yet.
Sleep:  Great, though the stomach sleeping is a thing of the past again.
Best moment of this week: Feeling strong little kicks along the sides of my belly. Oh, I love it!
Miss anything: My favorite jeans. :) I waved a fond farewell to them a week or two ago.

Movement: I can't feel much because of the placement of the placenta, but mostly feeling wiggles and kicks along the sides and first thing in the morning in bed. I love to stay there a little longer each morning because of all the activity!
Food cravings: In the last few weeks I had a huge vanilla ice-cream from Chick-fil-a for the first time in over a year. Sugar isn't my friend, but oh, it was delicious! I have had a slight aversion to meat and hamburgers and french fries, which is weird for me!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Thankfully, no!

Have you started to show yet: Yes! :) About half the time I don't remember I'm pregnant and am surprised when I look down!
Belly button in or out: Out again already!
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy, but if I wait too long to eat I get cranky! ;) And every now and then I have a bad day where I just feel off or my head hurts. But mostly this pregnancy has been lovely.
Looking forward to: Ordering material for a baby quilt. I am terrible at sewing but I'm always so glad I did it when I see the kids with their blankets. (Zane still uses his exclusively, which amazes me!).
Gender: We had our sonogram a few weeks ago (basically the moment I was allowed in the door, ha!), and saw this precious babe: 

And... we confirmed our suspicion. :) We took the kids with us, but didn't tell them what we found out. :D Instead, we picked up a "beau or bow" gender reveal cake with a special rattle inside:


baby #7 is a...



More pink and ruffles are coming our way this summer! :) Which means Ivy gets to have a little sister, and for the first time in the history of our family, the girls will officially outnumber the boys!! :D

Even seven times over, having babies is SO MUCH FUN!! Seriously, it's one of the most precious experiences of a lifetime. Little ones are such a blessing to all of us, and we couldn't be more excited to meet this baby girl in a few months. :)