our weekend: a slow start, favorite Costco finds + a great idea


Without a three-day holiday our weekend seemed shorter, but I think we made it a bit longer by staying home out of the freezing temps! I got a treadmill run in on Saturday morning, and thankfully a PureFlix documentary helped the time pass more quickly. (It was extra fun to watch after reading A Chance to Die over Christmas!).

Sunday morning after church, we ate a quick snack and headed almost two hours away for a trip to Costco. We were all so hungry when we got there, but there weren't any seats (!) so we shopped for a while before eating. Costco cafe food is good, but I can now testify that it is at least 32x better when you're starving.

The kids had this fantastic idea to bring their walkie-talkies along for the trip. I think we should officially make it mandatory for large family trips in overcrowded stores. :D We had to separate a couple of times but found each other lightning fast! And they picked up a few random people talking while they were out on the road which made them just about keel over with excitement. :D

My main reason for the trip was to stock up on figs, but we definitely picked up a few more things while we were there (lots of cold food not pictured):

We made it back home around dinner time. With all the events of the day I was too tired to cook, so I made a salad for me, and a smorgasbord of Costco choices for everyone else:

Today, it's back to the regular grind: school, changing diapers, laundry and chores, working out, and planning the week:

Dinner tonight is super easy, thanks to my two kind friends who make black beans and rice while I do other stuff: :D

Luckily, in the middle of all this crazy/regular Monday, I get to eat lunch at the island with my best friend:

What a blessing it is... and a happy week already. :D