tough but glorious + goals & menus this week

Thank you for all your sweet words and encouragement on this post last week!! :) We are so excited. :D We must be having baby #7 because I haven't taken a single pregnancy pic yet and I'm 4 months along! But it's definitely on my to-do list, sometime right after I wash my hair this week. :D (I like to schedule important things on hair washing day, or even worse- if I know I have to do something in one more day I will put it off :P) Either way, very soon I'll share a pregnancy update and gender reveal, Lord-willing! :)

We had a weekend full of errand-running, starting with lunch out and then a stop at my favorite place (ha!), the hardware store:

In the midst of the major lightbulb shopping we had to do, I did find something interesting there: a different kind of bulb!! I ended up getting a few bags to try my hand at. Will peonies grow in Texas? We'll find out.

Oh, and sweet Ivy-loo has reached a super awesome stage called "cry about everything, even if I wanted it and you gave it right to me"... :D The best thing about having a few kids is that you learn that this stage won't last forever! We're 13 years in now, and it's occasionally even funny in the middle of it. :D

While Ivy was tantrum-ing through Home Depot and then Sam's, everybody in town was checking out at the same time we were. :D Never have I been more thankful for an app:

With this one, you can check yourself out with your phone and even pay!! They scan you out at the door and boom, no waiting in line!! :) Best invention ever, Sam's Club. This mama thanks you a hundred times over.

Sunday after lunch and church, we stopped to refill our water bottles. I let the littles out of their car seat cages to play, much to their delight. :)

When she does smile it's just too much cuteness to handle: :)

And this was our scene this morning for school:

Those babies LOVE their big brothers like crazy, and the boys include them in everything. Seeing how the bigs love the littles- ah, it's enough to make a mama cry. :)

It's been a tough but glorious week of baby-raising. :D

Here are my goals for this week (and some overlapping):

::  do  ::
exercise 6x 
wash one sofa cover
continue family closet clean out/move summer clothes to spare closet
re-organize baby room
make bread x 2
go to library (we didn't get to last week)
drink 40- 80 ounces of water/day
pray alone daily

::  read  ::
the Bible alone daily: 1 Peter, Psalms 3 chapters, Proverbs 
George Mueller biography

::  learn  ::
1 Peter study by Jen Wilkin x 4 days
2 teaching John Piper videos/ 2 Paul Washer sermons

::  be  ::
a servant. One of my goals this year is to be more of a servant. I'm so not good at this, and I pray the Lord will help me.

:: dinners  :: 
spaghetti + salad
beans + rice
baked potatoes + veggies (we bought 50 lbs. of potatoes for $16 so we HAVE to eat them! maybe more than once!)
oatmeal + eggs
dinner out

What do you have on your plate this week? :P