we survived + my favorite kind of weekend

Our weekend was superb. :D It's SO weird to have nearly 80 degree weather in mid-January, but it's also downright wonderful to be able to be outside and not freezing. :D The kids can play outside again and they have so much fun playing basketball until dark:

I'm proud to say we survived the winter. It was tough, but we took it in stride:


Our warm weekend started out with a date to Texas Roadhouse:

And ended with this loveliness (finally, our date wasn't on Sunday!):

On Saturday, we were glad for the unseasonably good weather so we could scrub the house:

And then the kids and I headed to an outdoor birthday party:

Sunday was filled with church, lunch with friends, and then some downtime to read, watch a documentary, and play games. (I talked myself out of doing any cleaning and took a real Sabbath break. :)) The kids made up a Bible trivia game show for the two of us, complete with buzzers and prizes (and tough questions!):

And somehow we made it to Monday again... :)

Here are my goals for this week:
::  do  ::
exercise 6x 
get ready to go back to CC (lunches, clothes, showers. prep crockpot meal)
clean up mudroom + laundry (purge extra clothes and shoes)
find another rack/create new system for shoes
move summer clothes to spare closet
drink 40- 80 ounces of water/day

::  read  ::
the Bible alone daily: 1 Peter, Psalms 3 chapters, Proverbs 
George Mueller biography
visit library and get a new book to start
::  learn  ::
1 Peter study by Jen Wilkin 4x
Dave Ramsey podcast on easy runs
2 teaching Piper videos/ 2 Washer videos (listening to while working on laundry/cleaning/cooking/kids outside)

::  be  ::
grateful in the tiring. Two weeks back in the routine and I think we may be losing the just-got-back-from-break energy. We’re settling into regular work and schedules again. :)

:: dinners  ::
spaghetti + salad
bean burritos + Spanish rice
beans + rice
baked potatoes + broccoli
oatmeal + eggs
dinner out

One would think with this many zipper pouches I'd be organized, but... hmmm. ;)