(always) catching up + two firsts

Last weekend was full of firsts! And lots of hard housework. :D School is keeping us busy (a.k.a. kicking my tail again), so I ended up having to do a substantial part of my goal list on Saturday rather than throughout the week.

Here's the double batch of bread I had to make on Saturday morning:

I decided I need to make this part of the routine, because it was SO nice to have bread already made on Sunday and Monday night:

I cleaned up the nursery again after our latest closet remodel, and this stack of baby items and newborn clothes made me even more excited for this summer:

After a long day of cleaning both the upstairs and downstairs, we really enjoyed our pizza night:

And then on Sunday night, we had the chance to do two things on our date that we'd never done before! We enjoyed our very first meal at La Madeleine:

And the food was actually as delicious as I had heard!! I was entirely impressed. We splurged on dessert, and I could only eat a sliver of cake (too much sugar for my head) but it was SO yum:

We had been away from home all day long (preggo mama-tiredness is real!), but somehow we summoned the energy to navigate through the late-night crowd and long lines at Aldi:

It was probably so crowded because eggs were only .15/dozen and they had the most unbelievable price on milk:

Here's what we ended up buying for $21: Butter, 3 dozen eggs, 6 lbs. of apples, dressing, artisan lettuce, cilantro, 2 bags of turkey pepperoni, 1/2 gallon of chocolate almond milk, iceberg lettuce, and 1 gallon of milk:

I was amazed by their low prices! Other than the odd feeling that I was shopping at a day-old/thrift food store, I was quite happy with the store's quality and price of the food. :) The thrift store thought obviously lingered because at home I found myself cautiously smelling the milk and sifting through the produce to make sure it wasn't old! :P (it wasn't, of course!) So weird. :) I wish we lived closer to it, either way! 

This week, thanks to subbing, running lots of errands in the evenings, and upping my weights in bootcamp, I have been just as equally off my to-do list game. I have been SO tired that I've only been doing the basics! And I won't even tell you how many naps I took. ;)

I was so exhausted at one point that I started to wonder if the baby was having a growth spurt, and then on Tuesday my midwife let me know my labs came back from last week and I was slightly anemic. She recommended this supplement:

Which I went immediately to the store to purchase, because this mama NEEDS any help she can get in the energy department! I'm hoping it works even better tomorrow, because the majority of my to-do list is waiting again. :P 

Right now, I'm feeling thankful to the Lord for both modern medicine and for Saturdays to sleep in and catch up. :)