homemaking fail: 3x over

Remember how I got a great deal on 50 lbs. of potatoes at Sam's? Last week I decided to get smart and cook half of them at once before they all went bad.

I chopped, sliced, and then used the food processor to make potato chips:

Then I processed another big bunch to make hash browns:

I added some oil, and baked them for a while:

And somehow, in some way, I cooked close to 25 lbs. of potatoes in three different batches, and burned/ruined all this like a champ:

We couldn't even eat most of it! And the one tray of good chips I didn't burn? Someone spilled it on the floor. And then because I didn't peel the hash browns they looked like mushy mud cakes and were disgusting... It all turned out so terribly that I couldn't stop laughing!

But hey, I did make sure that about 25 of our 50 lbs. of potatoes didn't go bad in the pantry. ;)