life around the house: painting, planting, and growing

I think I've become a certified homebody over the past few years. Home is just the happiest place to be. :) Life around the house is always busy and full these days.

With all of the spring-like weather recently, it feels like we've been having more fun than our usual February. One Tuesday afternoon, we decided to imitate Monet for our presentation on famous artists the next day:

And when it's this nice out, we like to use the afternoons as much as possible to be outside, explore, or work on projects. Right before Valentine's Day, Noah decided to use his free time to write everyone in his class a specific Valentine's note:

I love seeing how all of the children are so different, and how God is developing their talents and personalities. It's so humbling to see God taking them into adulthood in their own ways.

And speaking of personalities, these two littlest kiddos constantly surprise and entertain the whole family with their (mostly adorable) antics:

One night I came home from teaching my class at the gym, and found this- his dad had given him a time out, and he used it wisely...! :)

Ahhhh it's so precious, I can't even stand it. :D

We used one lovely Saturday morning to plant our bulbs in the flowerbed:

And another Saturday to touch up the ceiling (don't worry, I was there on the sofa for moral support):

And though it feels like it takes about three hours every.single.night to eat and clean up, sometimes we have time left to play games or read: :)

The days are long and yet so SO short. Before I know it, this little lady will be making her appearance (~18 weeks left!):

We're definitely in the days of long, hard, constant work, but you know what? I wouldn't trade them for anything. :) They are the best.