life lately: almost summer, happy feet, happy fam + new goals

It's Monday, which means I have lots of random things to tell you before I get to my goal list. :D

1. It's spring in Texas!! 

last Monday was GORGEOUS.
Just kidding... kind of. With three days forecasted to be 80+ and the other two at 70+ this week, I'm wondering if summer isn't just around the corner!

2. After much searching, I think I finally found a pair of cushioned-but-light shoes that keep my feet happy on the roads- the Hoka One One Cliftons:

3. We ate pizza for three dinners in a row this weekend. :D Three different kinds of pizza: semi-homemade, takeout, and frozen, and the fam was happy every night from Friday- Sunday:

4.  The littlest kids are BOTH NAPPING right now. At the same time!! And the girls went to work with their dad for a little while, and the boys are outside- which means my house is actually quiet for a moment! :) The littlest lady and I are getting some very nice time to plan out this week on the sofa in the den:

But I have to hurry because it won't be long before the 18-month-old decides to wake up and try to eat from now until dinner time. :D

Here are my goals for this week:

:: do ::
pray alone every day
exercise 6x
plant bulbs in flower beds (is it time yet? I’m afraid I’ll forget and let them grow in the pantry all summer with the onions!)
wipe out oven
help research microwave warranty (it failed last week at 2-years-old)
take kids to library
straighten/reorganize/purge hall linen closet
make bread 2x
wipe down treadmill and belt
foam roll + stretch 3x 

:: read ::
1 Peter 1-5
The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul- 45 minutes
Psalms- 7 chapters/ 1 Corinthians

:: learn ::
listen to George Mueller autobiography 30 minutes
listen to 2 sessions from the Shepherd’s Conference 2016

:: be ::

prayerful. Over and over and over again lately, so many sermons I’ve been listening to reminded me I really need two things the most: prayer and the Word. I get so busy from the moment I wake up that my prayers are short and throughout the day, and I’m spending less time praying alone and less time reading my Bible alone. One Paul Washer sermon I recently watched reminded me that Jesus, who was sinless and God, went away from the crowd and prayed for so long the disciples came looking for Him. If Jesus Himself sought to be alone with God in the midst of being needed constantly, how much more do I need to pray?? I am sinful, and weak, and self-focused- I need to spend even more time praying!