goals this week (march 1)

This weeeeeeeeek... oh how does Wednesday get here before I turn around? :) We've had lots of events happening over the last week or so, but surprisingly I don't feel terribly behind (though I realize I'm posting my to-do's on Wednesday, ha!). I keep asking the Lord for strength to accomplish what I'm afraid I won't be able to do, and He helps me get everything done that I need to!! I don't understand why He cares about my silly tasks and small concerns but He does (!!), and I'm humbled by how much He loves me.

Here are my goals for (the rest of) this week:

:: do :: 
pray alone
wash 2-3 sheet sets
exercise/teach 5-6x
library trip
find lost library book
clean house for guests on the weekend (scrub bathroom, sweep every room + under sofas, mop)
clean master shower
organize games in cabinet
edit project
CC family presentation (done!)
bring brunch item for Grandparent's Day

:: read ::
1 Peter
Psalms (7 chapters) + the book of Mark

:: learn ::
3 days of 1 Peter study by Jen Wilkin
listen to 2 sermons + 2 podcasts

:: be ::
gentle and quiet in spirit. (1 Peter 3:4)
I want to to ask God to help me desire to say less and remember the Word that restraining your lips is wise (Prov. 10:19). When I seem to do the worst with my words is when I fear losing something I wrongly treasure (ego/pride, favor, position, control, time). It all sounds quite terrible when you say it aloud! BUT if I trust in God, I can be silent and at rest even when x, y, or z feels threatened. I no longer have to be right, and I no longer have to fear not being in control. I want to seek God's strength to help me be quiet and gentle in spirit by trusting fully in Him and His goodness and plan.