life lately: spring break, shopping, and sunshine

Oh, March... :) You are ridiculously lovely in Texas:

This growing baby girl has certainly been enjoying all the fresh air lately: ;)

And the children have been too. I think they spent six hours one day collecting snails, tadpoles, and frogs:

And then, with the growing bump (and the growing children) grocery shopping weekly is a must these days:

We really only needed fresh produce, but anytime I can get out of Sam's for less than $200 it's a good day: ;)

The main items I really went for were these gigantic cucumbers. It's been such a weird craving this pregnancy! I can't get enough of them:

Unfortunately for me, no amount of cucumber could keep away the horrid weeklong cold/flu that was going around. Zane and Noah had it, and they so generously gave it to me a week later. ;)

Life can't stop when mama is sick and still has stuff to do, but much to the delight of the children, we were forced to take a spring break after all. :)

Later in the week I finally made a special stop to find some hydration:

And by last weekend I was feeling much more like myself. We took a hike with my dad:

Enjoyed more sunshine and fresh air:

And then we snuck away on a quick date to grab a bite and this delicious Sacher torte at La Madeleine:

Ahhh. So far everything I've tried there has been delicious! I have yet to be even slightly disappointed with their food. :) mmm.

This week, it's been back to school again as we finish up our last 6 weeks of Classical Conversations. We aren't far from the end now. It's going to be summer before we know it! :)