what I'm planning this week: tasks, books, meals, and more

After a couple of weeks of not being well, I'm finally feeling 100% and much more motivated to tackle a to-do list again. :) It seems so strange that writing down a list of goals helps me get them done, but the list definitely helps and I'm always happy I made myself do it after it's done. :D

here are this week's goals and menus:

// do //
pray alone daily
exercise 6x 
sweep and mop all of upstairs
order maternity belt
declutter 3 kitchen drawers
hang curtains in dining room
hang large mirror upstairs
change baby bed sheet
plan out month of April in detail
work on upstairs threshold trim
order 2 light fixtures
get propane tank refilled
clean downstairs for guests

// read //
1-2 hours of George Mueller's autobiography
Bible daily: 1 Peter, Psalms, Isaiah

// learn //
listen to two sermon sessions from The Shepherd's Conference 2017 + one podcast

// be // 
patient and perseverant 
I have probably listed "patient" here recently, but I’m needing more and more patience as I’ve been tired lately. :) We have a couple of big school projects, outings, and events involving work happening in the next month and I need to just keep moving forward, doing the next thing. :) I need the Lord to help me do the right thing so that I can continue with a steadfast, faithful spirit. And while the Lord's working that miracle, I'm going to be praying for a sweet attitude on top of all that... :P

Thankfully, I've got Paul encouraging me in the Spirit 2000 years ago:

As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. 2 Thessalonians 3:13

last week's stove prep: sautéed cauli rice, corn, beef, polenta (not pictured), + tea

// dinners this week //
beef + bean burritos with rice, watermelon
spaghetti and meat sauce with salad
baked potatoes with beans + jalapeno cornbread
barbecue grilled chicken sandwiches + fries
scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and oatmeal
dinner out