life lately: a natural flair, a free aquarium, + marvelous sleep

This could easily be a picture of me after April: :)

Sleep- just let me sleep anywhere! :) I had several weeks from April- May of being so busy and having to be up at 4:30-5:30 while not sleeping well, and so for the last week or two I've been making up for lost sleep to recover. :D Naps work wonders for my mind and body at this stage in the game!

This baby girl is growing like a weed! Or maybe more like our lilies we planted a couple of months ago:

We were excited to finish up CC for the year. Our last project was for the children to dress up as our Facts of History person. Noah chose Ivan the Great of Russia and Isabella chose Queen Isabella of Castille:

They had to give their presentations in front of all the children and most of their parents. :) These two have a natural flair for acting- they LOVED it and really got into playing their parts:

One of the things the children do for fun in their free time is to create their own "movies" with complete scenes, editing, and credits. It's adorable and we are always surprised by their creativity!! :)

I think these two will be joining the family cast soon:

They're crazy. :)

Since our school break began, we had the chance to visit Bass Pro Shops (a.k.a. the free aquarium):

And we've been spending so much time outside on the porch. (Daddy does all the nail clipping around here, for the last 13.5 years :D)

We also picked up some fabric for the baby's quilt:

And explored our local greenhouse:

We've had a much-needed couple of weeks of sweet rest and recovery. :)