menus & goals for this week + two helps

This weekend we have been working to try to get ahead on a few things before the baby comes (in a month or less now, theoretically! :P). We've been hanging curtains, staining thresholds, sewing a baby blanket, working on house and planning projects, and we even went on a date! :) One of my goals this week was to actually write out my weekly do, read, learn, and be list and post it, and so... here goes!! :)

(p.s. you know you might be in trouble when your goals need goals...!!!) ;)

I've been trying to stay on track during May
 with long-term goals and meditating on God's Word!
Both of these from here seem to help!
plans for the week of May 29-June 4:
:: meal plans ::
baked potatoes + veggies + bread
hamburgers + fries
beans + rice
pepperoni pizza
parmesan buttered noodles + salad + bread
dinner out

:: do ::
-pray alone daily
-start baby blanket again (I finished the new baby's blanket on Saturday and am now completely starting over because of the lovely RAYON fabric I chose. I didn't know you couldn't make a blanket with such a stretchy, thin/fraying fabric...! :/ I had to order a different fabric (100% cotton this time) and hope to re-do it this week)
-finish final project edits
-research traveling strollers
-exercise 5-6x/ teach bootcamps
-order Larabars from Amazon (I can get only the flavor I want!)
-work on house project (thresholds and starting/finishing the guest bathroom)
-Scripture journal 3x
-hang curtains
- create a new chore chart and schedule for 2017-2018
- get ready to start school again (more on this later, Lord-willing! We aren't doing CC again next year, so we're getting an early start after a month-long summer break)
-pick up new school supplies
-rearrange office for the "new" school year :)
-return 2 items to home improvement store
-get birthing preparation list from midwife
-make appointments and run needed errands for paperwork

:: read ::
the book of Jeremiah

:: learn ::
listen to 2-3 new sermons

:: be ::
a student. 
I want to be a serious student of God's Word- one way He is giving me a desire to do this by is inspiring me through my husband. :) I am amazed by how God has given him such a hunger for knowing Him!! He is always telling me something he learned or saw anew! God truly has made him a different person than he used to be, and I'm in awe of His goodness to our family.

If the Lord will help me, I want to be like my husband and hunger to learn more too. Specifically this week, I hope to work on a list of Scriptures in the Bible of what Jesus told us to pray for. I came across a verse that stood out to me last week, and then I found another verse later where Jesus told us to pray for a specific thing... I wonder what else He told me to pray for that I never put much thought into? :) I'm so glad that His Word is alive and studying it feels like peeling back layers of onion- there is so much more than I ever thought possible in each verse!!