baby #7 pregnancy update: 39 weeks

We're in the very last stretch of this pregnancy!! At 39 weeks, I laugh every time I catch a glimpse of my profile in a window. My babies are SO big, I know she has to be 8 lbs already, and I probably have 2.5 weeks to go!! I am amazed when I see a smaller baby because they are SO tiny compared to my huge babies! :)

39.5 weeks 
(documenting only for the sake of posterity... I'm sorry, I don't take pictures anymore! :P)

When I was 37 weeks along we had a chance to get away for a couple of nights thanks to my parents. It was such a blessing to rest and be alone together for 48 hours. :D In the past +/-4 years since Zane was born, we've had just a handful of nights alone, so every one of them becomes a precious memory! :)

We enjoyed the free breakfast:

Then we went to BuyBuy Baby to look at single strollers (we have a wonderful double, but we will be up to 3 in strollers now! crazy!). They had the biggest selection either of us had ever seen:

And even fake 20 lb. babies to test them out: 

I'm so glad the real ones aren't as compact at that weight because I think my arms would give out! :)

And they had the smallest folding stroller I can remember seeing:

I have to happily record that this was one of the few times I've ever been able to figure out how something mechanical unfolded. :D I struggle with everything that unscrews, unlatches, or unfolds so I always hand it over to him in about 5 seconds because mechanical things make me twitch. :)

We didn't end up buying anything there, but I think we found the best one! For the rest of the weekend, we ate and spent an hour at the half-price book store, and then read at the hotel for hours on end. It was fabulous. Truly refreshing in every way!

Since we've been back, we've been doing school every day, so the structure is really helping me to pass the time. At this point I could have 2-3 weeks left, so any help is a good thing! :) We are all ready for this little miss to make her appearance. I actually can't wait to see how Ivy and Zane react when they meet her. Introducing the new baby to the family is one of my favorite moments as a mama! :D

Here's an update on how things are going lately:

Feeling: Very pregnant, very round! :) I had a rough week at 38 weeks (I always seem to- it's like a transition point of my body or something!), but then I always feel super at 39-41 weeks, so I'm getting ready for the long haul of 2-3 more weeks. 

27, 30, 35 weeks, all at the same restaurant-
 the only reason we have photos of this baby #7 growing is because we like to eat at the same places over and over :P

Tomatoes, watermelon, and protein bars. I have a problem with most food right now- nothing sounds very good. :( I have a feeling this will go away soon, however. ;)

Maternity clothes: I lost them somewhere? I think I may have given most of them away in April and I can't remember. (Pregnancy brain!) Luckily most things I can still make work with a maternity undershirt tucked in, and I have a couple of maternity tanks.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little lady, when the kids get to meet her, and then spending a day staring at her alone with my husband. :D And a full week of rest after that. :)

Something wonderful that happened: I was growing more and more afraid of birthing again and the drama of how it all goes down so fast and painfully, but the Lord gave me a new perspective this week, and I see it so much differently now. What grace He extends to us, to open our eyes and change our hearts!

Aches or pains: Mostly feel great! Only when I push the exercising do I get pelvic/lower back aches.

Belly: About the roundest belly I can remember having. :) One stranger asked me at the grocery store if I was headed to the hospital because that baby is low, and I laughed and told her pretty much!! :D It's quite a sight- most people guess I'm having a boy! :)

about 38 weeks
Exercise: I finished my bootcamp and kickboxing classes at 37 weeks, and I have been walking for the last two weeks instead, but my body is going through major endorphin withdrawal. I added running back a couple days this week and I felt 100x better- oh how I love exercise!! It's wonderful.

Morning sickness: That 38th week I had major nausea every time I woke up- thankfully, it's gone again! I don't really enjoy spicy foods as they give me heartburn. :D 

Praying for: That I would remember what the Lord showed us last week, and that I would fully rely on the Lord in this labor- I become afraid again when I don't take my thoughts captive to trust Him.