crossing it off, pre-baby to-do lists, + gentle leading (goals this week)

I can't believe we're actually in the month the baby is due!! :D For some strange reason everything house-related suddenly feels so pressing- like I NEED to wash that couch cover now, and that mirror that's been sitting there for two years absolutely NEEDS to be hung before the baby comes... :P Ah, nesting. It's a wonderful blessing because I'm pretty sure I would have zero motivation otherwise! :D

After an hour at the fabric store on Saturday, I finally found a coordinating fabric to match the new baby's blanket top! I finished it that evening, thankfully crossing off that re-do from my list last week:

Now I need to prepare our birthing supplies and baby clothes. I bought tiny diapers last week and started considering if our upstairs will hold an inflatable birthing tub... ;) I have so much on my list to keep me busy for the next few weeks! (What I'll do other than twiddle my thumbs for the 41st and 42nd weeks I am refusing to consider... :P).

Here's what is on my list for this week:

:: do ::
the baby loves Rainer cherries! ;)
  1. Pray alone (daily)
  2. Wash sofa covers
  3. Wash baby sheets, new baby blanket, and wrap 
  4. Wash car seat cover and clean seat 
  5. Wash pillow cases in living room 
  6. Steam wrinkled curtains 
  7. Make 4 freezer meals 
  8. Buy shower curtains for birth and replace old ones
  9. Wash 2 fabric shower curtains (and put back up), delivery towels, and washcloths 
  10. Order birthing pool 
  11. Teach and sub classes/exercise 5x 
  12. Book last-minute babymoon night away (YAY!!!)
  13. Buy and plant flowers and bushes in front yard
  14. Fill out and submit needed paperwork 
  15. Order extra herbal baths 
  16. Finish guest bathroom: paint, re-install sink, mirror, light fixture (all honey-do, ha!)
  17. Paint old mirror for guest bathroom
  18. Buy trash can for guest bath 
  19. Cut and pin Ivy's birthday blanket
  20. Start a birthing/postpartum items basket (night gowns, several baby outfits and diapers/wipes, swaddling blankets, towels, sheets, shower curtains, washcloths, snacks, Powerades, water, Valor oil, birthing kit, nursing pads)
  21. Find baby clothes and wash them!
  22. Fill out goal plans for the rest of June
:: read ::
the book of Jeremiah (last 1/2)

:: learn ::
Psalm 138:1-2 with the children 
1 language lesson 
listen to 2 sermons

:: be ::

a diligent worker.
With about 3+ weeks to go before the baby is due, I suddenly realized we have much to do! Just a week ago, I was feeling very drained and was worried what I would do without a burst of nesting energy! Thanks to the Lord, it kicked in last week and we are checking several items off the list! :D

I have several early mornings left to teach my last few classes, and with school starting back for us today I'm praying my energy level stays higher so I can at least get the items we need for the baby ready. We can officially have her at home this week! :) I want to have a good attitude in the midst of these final (somewhat hormonal and uncomfortable) weeks and realize that Lord-willing, recovery while snuggling my little girl is just around the corner! :)

I'm thankful the Lord's mercy is new every morning (especially like today, when everything went poorly on our first morning of school and I cried!), and that He is so patient with me and gently leads those that are with young... even with our silly, slightly far-fetched ideas about what we "need" to get done before the baby comes. :)

pretty much how I feel when I remember the baby can be born here this week... ;)

:: meal plans ::
spaghetti w/meat sauce + salad (make and freeze 2 extra pans)
chicken strips, broccoli + rice
chicken enchiladas, beans, and rice (make and freeze 2 extra meals)
sandwiches or dinner out