father's day 2017, one of the best secrets, & goals this week

If the sheer number of homemade cards was any indication, I'd say Father's Day was a success! We started celebrating early on Saturday night, so little Zaner made Robert three different cards with cut and pasted-on secret doors: :D

These six people bring so much joy into our life:

I think they may have an idea already, but I hope they realize just how wonderful their dad is too. He loves the Lord with all his heart and teaches them, feeds them, and loves them so well. :) I came downstairs to find the perfect example of how well he loves them on Father's Day afternoon:

Oh, my heart. :D These are sweet, sweet days. The older we get, the more precious it all seems.

During all our Monday lunch mess, I took the opportunity to make two pans of tater tot casserole- one for the freezer and one for an easy dinner last night so we'd have less to clean:

Speaking of making life easier, did I ever tell you one of my very favorite to-do list secrets is to order items from Walmart online?

On my to-do list last time was to buy shower curtains, a lead-free water hose, and trash cans, so in one big online order I also stocked up on postpartum snacks, hair gel, tea, and more, with free shipping on everything! You can't beat having groceries shipped to your house! What kind of awesome world do we live in? :D (not sponsored in any way, I'm still just delighted!)

I actually took all goal setting off last week after going through that big to-do list! :) Amazingly, the Lord gave me energy that week to do everything but a couple of little things I'm still working on. :) I'm officially done with teaching my classes and I'm trying to let my body relax by walking and stretching! :P

I don't have much left to "do" now to prepare for the baby other than home-improvement things that aren't truly pressing, so whenever she's ready, I am! :) 

Here's what I have on the list this week:

:: do ::
pray alone
vacuum under den sofa
clean/wipe out freezer
exercise 5-6 days/ goal 5k-8k steps or more
get lots of Vitamin D/ take other supplements daily
r: hang shelf in laundry room, repair broken closet drawers, hang light + mirror, work on thresholds
inflate birthing pool
make Ava's birthday cake and freeze
buy groceries for Ava's birthday dinner
pin and sew Ivy's blanket
patch wall paint
write baby/pregnancy update
research places to visit for our anniversary trip
hang pictures in nursery

:: read ::
continue finishing Jeremiah (I hopped around way more than expected these last two weeks and am still working through one book at a time)

:: learn ::
listen to 2-3 sermons
Psalm 138:3-5

:: be ::
so thankful.
I feel so overwhelmed with thanksgiving right now that we get to have a little baby girl!!! Through His grace giving me a new perspective, I am so thankful that God designed the perfect way for her to grow and come out safely, and for His providence of when and how and where that happens. :) I just want to hold onto those thankful thoughts and not allow fear or ungratefulness or worry replace them in the next couple of weeks!