my first podcast interview with the Declare Conference

I shared about it over on Facebook the other day, but I've been meaning to share it here too: I recently did my first podcast interview with the Declare Conference. It was a great chance to get to sit down with Anne Watson and pretend we were having coffee! :)

Here are some of the things we chatted about:
  • Having energy when you have a lot of kids
  • Head & heart knowledge
  • Serving in the daily grind
  • Working for the end goal
  • Staying debt free & God’s provision
  • Under promise & over deliver
  • When nothing turns out the way you think
  • Being a non-technical, late adapter
  • Measuring success

Here's the link if you're interested in listening in! :)

p.s. Lord-willing, I will be speaking at The Declare Conference in Dallas in early October! Let me know if you're coming- I would love to meet you there!! :)