Texas-style summer fun: Fort Worth + Waco

Since we finished school in April, we took a short summer break in May and had fun with little activities here and there throughout the month! :) 

For Mother's Day we spent the night at a super affordable Jellystone Park outside of Fort Worth:

The whole family slept in one room (well, some of us better than others, ha!). It was such a cute cabin!

DFW frugal vacations

We all enjoy traveling away for the night, but I think the best part of every overnight trip is taking the kids to the store and letting them pick out their own snacks. :D 

so many choices!
The next morning we headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the first time:

We accidentally arrived just in time for the cattle run:

After we walked all of the old viewing decks, we headed back home:

A couple of weeks later, we took a small trip to the Waco Mammoth National Monument:

It's always a bit difficult to take the world's view of millions of years of evolution at every turn, but it made for lots of interesting family conversations on the ride back. :)

The site was originally found in the 70's when two teenagers stumbled upon a gigantic femur in a riverbed in Waco, which eventually led to the discovery of the world's only mammoth nursery herd buried in a disastrous flood:

day trips to waco

And while we were there, only one of my children dropped their booklet down into the excavation site, so I'm calling it a good day. ;)

After our tour we visited the famous Magnolia Market. They added a beautiful bakery since our last trip:

We didn't buy anything other than baked goods to share, but I think it may have been the best purchase there anyway! :)

Though we didn't venture too far from home last month, I felt like we definitely squeezed in a couple of little summer adventures before the baby is scheduled to come! :)