a few to-do's, being an encourager + menus this week

It feels like Monday comes so fast these days! It must be school that makes me feel that way. :D I keep reading about people wrapping up their summers, but for the first time I kind of feel like we didn't have an official summer break. (It could be that a ton has happened since we took our little summer break in May!).

I'm hoping that everything might be settling down soon so if the Lord wills, we can take a week off from school and do a few more summer-like things before the weather changes. :) (Good thing we have until November before it starts to cool off!)

With all the activities we have going on today, I have just a few minutes to pop in and share my goals and menus while the littles are all napping! :)

Here are my goals this week:

:: do ::
pray alone
exercise 4-5x 
write more thank yous
clean den walls with magic eraser
blog every day :D
go birthday grocery shopping
make Isabella's birthday dinner + cake
final midwife appointment 
attend Bible study group + do homework
mop floors
start thinking of September goals
finalize pantry shelving design

:: read :: 
1 Samuel + Psalms

:: learn :: 
listen to 2 teachings/ sermons

:: be ::
an encourager
I would like to encourage my husband and my children more. With so many new stages at once, I'm finding myself in correction mode all.the.time right now and I want to be able to praise more often than correct. I may have mentioned it before, but I remember the Duggar family saying that they want to give praise 10x more than correction. I want to be like them!! (Or at least shoot for 5x to start, ha!)

:: meals ::
rosemary garlic chicken + red potatoes + green beans + artisan bread
red lentils + salad + flatbread
tri-color rotini + marinara sauce + salad + bread
tacos + refried beans + rice
biscuits + turkey bacon + scrambled eggs
dinner out

What are your goals for this week?

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