good news + handfuls of injury

We had another weigh-in at the midwife this morning and found out the great news that our littlest lady gained an entire pound in two weeks! :D

Praise the Lord (seriously!) that all those extra feedings worked! :) She was up to 9 lbs. 11-12 oz. this morning.
We celebrated the good news with lunch out:

This is what I think is so funny- maybe it's just me (social media gurus, please tell me?), but I always find it shocking how much time it takes to capture life on camera! :) You have to take like 3-10 shots to get a decent one! I may be a terrible photographer but we have to try to take a billion pictures and end up with something like this because I'm blinding my husband with the window light: :P

So then I finally give up and hand the camera to the 9-year-old to get more pictures like this:

And then finally we get a pretty good one thanks to a husband's long arm. :D

I'm actually feeling extra grateful he could take it at all because last week he couldn't even use his hands, thanks to burns on all 10 fingers and both palms:

He was burned climbing a metal roof on a very hot day. He was in the most pain I've ever seen him, but thankfully the doctor fixed him up with pain relief and antibiotic cream and he's healing so fast now.

By the end of last weekend he could hold the baby again (a help I took for granted for sure!).

It was definitely eye-opening to have to care for a newborn, six kids and a husband in pain. My mother-in-law came over to babysit the next day while we went to the specialist, and then my mom came over and watched the kids the next afternoon for us, and they both brought food! And all the kids pitched in where they could too. Having so much help was a huge blessing, and made me realize all the more how grateful I am for the easy life we normally have! 

Thank you, Lord for sweet husbands only getting their hands burned, and for an abundance of family to help! :)