my third (!) ten-ager

When I think about last weekend, this verse comes to mind: "Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand." Proverbs 19:21

We had lots of plans for Saturday, but they changed pretty quickly after we found out the bad news. But we did have an entire morning of working on this list:

Of course, it didn't all get done, and that was okay.

Before the kids awoke on Sunday morning, I iced the birthday cake:

And we had our cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury, canned): :)

We opened presents, and for their gift the boys wrote her a computer game and handed over ownership and all the company stock:  :)

Ava and Zane cut out a cardboard laptop and drew keys on it for her doll: 

Later that afternoon, we had lunch at the very ladylike La Madeleine:

And on the way home, we stopped by the toy store for her gift. With all these amazing girl lego sets to choose from she picked out a red tow truck and a blue truck/rv lego city combo! :)

One thing that I love about toy stores is that you don't feel bad trying out the items before you buy them: 

Ivy was surprisingly happy to stay seated since we missed her nap time:

as long as there are two matching shoes, we don't worry too much about which feet they're on ;)
 Then, almost as soon as we got home, I started in on the chicken parm:

It was the first time I've ever attempted it, and it ended up being a success! After battering, frying, and baking 5 lbs. of chicken breast, I have never been more relieved about the way a dish turned out. :)

And I think Isabella liked it too. :) She is a beautiful blessing to our family. She is growing up to be a very kind young woman, and she is so tenderhearted and serving. She is also growing in the knowledge of the Lord, and quickly discerns the answers to the hard questions her dad likes to ask the family. :)

God has blessed our family by giving us sweet Isabella!!  

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