our first day back to school 2017-2018

We started back to school again today! Though we officially started our new year in June, I wanted to wait until August to take our "first day of school" pics so they could remain a year apart. I think it might be the most consistent photo we've ever taken at home. I love seeing them grow! :D

Here is our crew for the 2017-2018 school year: they're in 8th grade, 7th grade, nursery ;), 5th grade holding nursery, 3rd grade, and preschool:

Oh, how much they grew!

Then here's 2016:

And now, 2017:

 It makes me feel a little too sentimental, but I love looking back. :)

We had a great day- everyone had a good attitude and worked so hard that they finished before noon. If the Lord wills, tomorrow I plan to share what curriculum we chose this year and what our new schedule looks like now! I'm extremely happy we started a month before the baby came- it always takes so much time to clean everything out and organize new schedules, and I'm thankful I'm not having to do it all with a 4-week-old! :)

While the kids worked independently this morning, I ran upstairs and threw another load in the laundry. My machine was probably tired of working after 5 or 6 loads, but I finally caught up from yesterday! Two kids fold as their chore in the afternoon, and I do all the washing.

After laundry, I put a pot of beans on with my helpers:

Zane is very much our family safety officer/policeman: :)

And later, Ivy stayed close by while we finished up school and I nursed the baby in the den:

This afternoon we cleaned the office, had quiet time (the babies and I took a nap!), did chores, and now the kids are playing, and I'm headed to workout and finish dinner! :)

It was the perfect first day back to school. :)

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