our saturday: cleaning + baking

So far we've spent our Saturday cleaning the house and getting ready for Zane's birthday tomorrow. :D 

As a mama, I wasn't quite sure how to handle a Sunday birthday and not working so we can focus on the Lord except to prepare as much as possible today so that we can enjoy tomorrow fully and worshipfully rest while loving on our Zaner. :)

What it seems is that loving the Lord and loving others is what we're called to do, so Robert and I agreed that loving Zaner tomorrow would be doing good. I would like to pray more about it! I've started to love the Sabbath (we observe it as Sunday)- I've been learning more and more that spending all of Sunday focusing on the Lord (and trying not to work for myself or spend it on my pleasure) is so beneficial for my soul for the rest of the week. God's law is so perfect! It makes me excited for tomorrow.

Zane requested pizza and strawberry cake with orange icing and strawberries on top for his dinner tomorrow. I found this cake recipe and so far it tastes great: 

For the icing, I blended carrots up to make the orange color:

I think it looks slightly more orange in real life, but I was pleased with the flavor (I added the strawberry puree):

 The kids helped clean out the snack drawer (and it looks so much better!):

Then we moved all the furniture to the center of the room as usual so everyone could mop:

As of right now, I still have to bake one more cake layer, ice it (it seems to have stuck to the pan, so I'm praying it will come out), clean the bathtubs, finish my workout (it was too hot at 11!), and schedule tomorrow's post. And eat dinner. :D

I like getting lots of work done on days like today, because busy Saturdays make restful Sundays even sweeter! :)

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