our saturday in pics: tornado parties, sewing, and pizza night

Our Saturday started with yard work for the boys and coffee and baby holding for the girls. :D Surprisingly, we've only had to water the grass maybe once or twice in the front yard thanks to all the rain we've had this year. It's getting close to needing it in the front yard (and maybe fertilizer again thanks to our clay dirt mix!), but we're happy to have saved money so far!!

After everyone cleaned up, we decided to go out for lunch to a local diner instead of cooking. We all enjoyed not cleaning and the kids love getting their favorite meals. (Now that the kids clean up after meals regularly, they all appreciate a dinner out even more! :P)

After lunch and errands, we came home and got back to work after a little rest. We had to repair the curtains after a little one pulled another rod out of the wall. ;) Isabella is always a big helper to her dad:

In between nursing the baby (she's eating often these days!), I threw some dough in the mixer for dinner:

And got to work on my to-do list from Monday. :) I had a couple of kids pull off the sofa cushions so we could wash them upstairs. This is what happens when the kids get to work- it's like a mix of tornado and circus party: :)

Does that happen at your house too? :D I think they have a little too much fun tearing apart the sofas. :P They make everything exciting and somehow always have a good time working. (I could learn from them!!)

And then while those were in the wash, these well-loved "Oso" pajamas (as Zane calls them) got a new pair of sock feet:

Thankfully, I had a helper of my own to watch Naomi while I sewed: :D

And while the pizza dough was rising and the covers were washing, we went on a family walk:

We didn't take a long walk, but it was long enough to work up an appetite again. :) 

After last week's pizza fest, you'd think we'd be tired of pizza, but the kids were looking forward to eating the barbecue chicken version again:

The one thing about making pizza versus grabbing takeout is the amount of dishes in the sink! :) I'm off to help clean them all and get ready for Sunday. I hope you have a restful day tomorrow! :D 

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