the funny thing, everything in place + Ivy-loo turns 2

When I think about it, it seems so funny that we get to celebrate birthdays in the actual place some of our children were born. It's hard to believe it's been so long, but our spunky and sweet Ivy-loo was born here in our house two years ago! :) 

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with our traditional cinnamon roll number breakfast:

And unlike Ava's birthday, I didn't have the chance to make and freeze the cake in advance. But thankfully, the Lord allowed me to wake up really early (sometimes I can't sleep after our 5-6 a.m. feeding!) so I got the chance to start making her cake before the kids woke up. 

Every time I bake, I have to remind myself of the French concept of mise en place - also known as get all the ingredients prepared out on the counter before I start making anything. :) When I follow that rule, everything goes so much faster and more smoothly!

I followed this white cake recipe (I LOVE her cake recipes), and got the bright idea to make the cake purple by adding a pint jar of this crazy bright grape jelly we made last week. ;) I added sour cream instead of buttermilk too (which ended up being a great choice).

The pictures are slightly off- it was a bit more lavender purple than this, but still kind of gray. :P

Ivy is our early riser and joined me as a batter tester. :P You can see the purple a little better here too:

I think she liked it... :)

And then we baked the cinnamon rolls from a can:

And we sang to her, but I'm not sure she cared for the attention: :)

But she loved opening the presents:

At first she threw aside her new blanket to keep opening presents, but eventually she picked it up again and carried it around. :)

And then later that night we enjoyed the purple and pink cake- it wasn't so pretty, but if you ask me, it tasted delicious!

I do love experimenting, but experimenting doesn't always love me. :P