tuesday talk: brighter days, eclipse action, & experimental cooking

Our Tuesday has been much slower than our Monday, thanks to a feverish big kid. We are all camping out today, enjoying lots of episodes of Octonauts while we keep her company in the living room. :)

Yesterday, however, we managed to do school on schedule and it was much brighter thanks to these kind of smiles all morning:

Then before we knew it, it was time to watch the eclipse:

Luckily, we had a couple of options with which we could view it: these pinhole plates...

They definitely worked, but it wasn't super interesting to see a teeny tiny shadow: :)

But these glasses were awesome for looking right at it:

Even with the glasses, we still made the kids look so quickly they nearly got whiplash. :) While they were entertained outside, I started experimenting with grilled flatbreads:

I made some experimental curry dip to go with it- just sour cream, salt, parsley, and a little pre-made curry seasoning to go with our basmati rice. It was actually a great combo!

We had Bible study in the early evening so we had to make dinner much sooner than usual. Of course I had my little sidekick close by while we rushed around:

I love her. :) This baby girl is only 6 weeks old and is not supposed to be growing up this fast!

She's back in the sling again with her older sister crowding her for a spot in my lap as I'm about to start dinner (pasta, salad, and bread!) and then (Lord-willing) exercise before it gets too late! :)

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