unbelievably amazing, my sidekick, + helpmating & other goals this week

Our weekend began with an excruciating trip to the grocery store where I spent five whole minutes in the parking lot without ever leaving my car. ;) If you haven't tried it before, let me tell you- Walmart's grocery pickup service is the best thing invented in the last decade! You grocery shop through their website, download their app, and then as you drive into the Walmart parking lot, their employee COMES OUTSIDE WITH YOUR GROCERIES and LOADS them in your car! It is incredible.

(I wish I could use a hundred more exclamation points for how amazing it is, but my ! key is almost worn out already so I'll leave it to your imagination. ;) ).

We picked up for the very first time at the end of June after Kristin reminded me of it in the comments on this post. Now I'm not sure I can ever go back to regular shopping again.

And then, my night became even better- we bought dinner without getting out of the car either!! (What IS this world coming to??)

We worked almost all day Saturday, and then on Sunday we went to church and celebrated Zane's birthday (I hope to post about it tomorrow, Lord-willing). Today we had family over and the party kept going- the kids got to see their aunt, cousins, and Nana! We had the best time visiting while the kids played.

This little lady is starting to love the sling, thankfully- which freed my hands up a bit while we were preparing for the day. I wore this sling with Isabella, and wore this very black sling for months with Ava (8 years ago!). I'm so happy Naomi is getting the hang of it too:

I love babywearing! Give me all the squishy sweet babies!! I love, love this 5-week-old stage:

But the 2-year-old stage is pretty cute too, I'll admit: :D

It's certainly no little task to have small ones, but these babies bring us SO much joy!! What a blessing kids are, at all the stages, big and small.

Here's what I have on my goal list this week:

:: do ::

pray alone
exercise 5x
listen to worship music
blog every day :D
wash sofa cushions
do sewing repairs

:: read :: 
Ruth + Psalms

:: learn :: 
listen to 2-3 teachings/ sermons

:: be ::
a good helpmate.

My husband has been really busy dealing with lots of unexpected work for the last several weeks, so I would like to help him in any way I can to lighten his burdens here. I'm not really sure what that will entail yet as far as to-do list activities, but I'm pretty sure that his wife having a good attitude is always helpful no matter what. ;) We are a team, and I want to be willing to carry extra loads when he has to. :)

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