a fair entry, goals this week, + pressing on

Late Saturday morning, we took our entries to the local fair for the first time. The kids were super excited to bring their best Lego entries. We were all glad Lego building was a category!! :)

These days I've been making the boys and Isabella fill out their own paperwork whenever they can.  I am happy about this new stage. Mostly. :D I love to see them getting so old, and yet at the same time I don't want them to be, ha!

We just talked about the fair for the first time when Noah asked me on Monday, and it was just in time because the deadline was Saturday. I felt like they did pretty good despite the short notice. I think this one turned out especially cute for an original design:

The rest of Saturday included no major cleaning, no mowing, a good nap, and a pizza run, so it felt very restful considering how busy we've been in the last two months.  :)

It's time to jump back into work, though. :) Here's my goal list for this week:

:: do ::
pray alone
Bible study homework
take extra clothes and shoes to donation place
exercise 4-5x 
weed flowerbeds
make plans for a conference
two family birthday get-togethers

:: read ::
1 Samuel (a.m,), Psalms + Proverbs (lunch), Luke 1-2 (bedtime) (scheduling idea from Jim Elliot! :D)
Bible study homework 

:: learn ::
Psalm 16 (the rest of this month)

:: be ::
pressing on

I feel sick about the attitude with which I've responded to the Lord about a particular discipline lately. I have not felt very willing to do what He asked of me, and I am extremely sad that I am so rebellious in my heart when the rubber meets the road. But I know nothing else to do but cling to His promises of forgiveness in Jesus Christ and being made clean by His righteousness, and keep pressing on toward what He has called me to do, even when my flesh doesn't want to do it. I am so weak, and I'm so thankful His will is stronger than mine. Nothing good would ever happen in me otherwise! 

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