a mama's saturday morning

For some reason, every Saturday I seem to wake up earlier than normal. I have no clue why I do, but I'm always glad for the chance to get some unrushed time alone.

As I quietly escaped downstairs this morning I thought today would be the same. But the Lord had other plans, because I found three sleepy faces suddenly staring up at me as I brewed my coffee. :) 

"Hun-ree, mama!" Ivy is always hungry right away. :)

I hoped to quickly prepare oatmeal in the microwave so my coffee wouldn't get cold, but I was a little greedy with how much I tried to get out of one heating and it overflowed... 

I'm so thankful to have a microwave again- we went several months without one again and it's such a luxury to be able to reheat your coffee after you wash off your spilled oatmeal!! ;)

(p.s. Microwave makers got so smart and made the inside black!! I love it! It looks so much cleaner than it really is! haha!)

Once I made it back upstairs with my warm coffee, I found my favorite spot I usually only enjoy on the weekends. I have a rocking chair right by the window in our room and it's so peaceful to look into the woods:

Not long after I made it up there, this little sunshine made some noise. I get so excited when she wakes up. Even after seven kids, I have to say I'm still in love with babies. :) Those first smiles of the day, ahhh!!

Mornings around here are certainly never lonely! :D My coffee may have to get reheated, but soon enough I know the hun-ree, mamas will be no more and I'll miss their sweet little voices. :) 

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

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