back to baking school + that kind of week

It was back to baking in the kitchen this week with my sous chef: :)

It was my mom's birthday on Tuesday and I wanted to make something I thought she might like: a coconut cake. Only I didn't have a bit of coconut extract or coconut milk. I did have coconut oil and unsweetened coconut on hand, so I combined them in the blender and made an expensive reconstituted coconut milk instead: :)

I'm pretty sure I over beat my egg whites because the middle of both cakes fell, and while the cake itself was delicious, it was very dense. Any ideas as to why? I didn't follow the recipe or anything, but I'm sure that had nothing to do with it. ;) 

Luckily my mom didn't mind what it looked like, and really liked it as a trifle cake. :) Can you believe she has a 34 year-old daughter? I'd never guess if I didn't know already! :D

Ivy-loo was a little sedated but she was happy to eat and talked too, so we're coming along. :D 

This morning we took this little lady for her first donut run:

I'm pretty sure they aren't a right of humanity, but we definitely felt like we wanted some happy donuts after a broken bone ER trip and a tough week. :)

The kids were ecstatic about this many sprinkle options:

Every once in a while a pink donut hits the spot. Sprinkles have always been my favorite.  :)

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