hello weekend, easy dinner prep, + it flew by

I'm soo happy the weekend has arrived!! :) Even though he works out of the house, I'm super glad when it's Saturday because Robert is far less busy with work. I think he's always relieved to be a little more off duty too. 

The kids and I stayed home again all day today. I think I'm fully recovering from our day trip on Wednesday, ha! Instead of our takeout pizza (we had it on Monday!), I threw some frozen food in the oven while I went on a run. I ate a salad but prepped the spaghetti squash for other meals because I really want to try this recipe!

I hopped on the treadmill while the husband took over tiny baby duty. :) These guys lingered a little longer, and then watched a movie while I tried to get a workout in:

I warmed up by walking to this sermon excerpt:

Then the running part flew by so much faster watching another episode of this: :D 

I did a little bit of weights after the treadmill. I really miss teaching bootcamp but I don't miss the 4:30 wakeup time. :) I'm already up from 3-4 nearly every morning, and just falling back into a good sleep about that time. But I do miss the consistency of training, and getting it knocked out before the sun is up. Right now I'm way behind on exercise for the week, but I'm hoping to get close to catching up tomorrow! We did get the shoes back in the bin and the books off the shelf, so maybe I'll have new things to work on too. :)

We're finishing the night with a chapter of Bruchko, a South American missionary as I write:

Good thing I've already read it because I would hate to miss a chapter! It's a great book.

Happy weekend to you!! :DDDD

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