our first ER trip (this year)

Last night Robert called the kids in from the forest to get ready for Bible study, and just as he did, our little Ivy-loo fell right out of her brother's hammock. She hit the dirt hard and gave us a good scare by going into shock and having trouble sitting up, so we took her to the ER right away.

They did x-rays and a CT scan, and thankfully she only had a broken collarbone:

On the way there I was afraid it could be much worse! Accidents when they're this little are even scarier because you can't fully tell what hurts by asking. We are so grateful to God that she is okay!!! 

On the way home she perked up and even waved goodbye to her Nana and Pops with her broken side. :) We felt relieved to have our little girl back. Today she is sore and needing to be held, but as well as could ever be expected for having a newly broken bone.

Life is full of God's grace at every turn, and He definitely has a way of opening our eyes to gain a new perspective.

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