our saturday: overwhelm, a happy break, + an easy dessert

This was the bulk of our Saturday in a nutshell:  :)

This morning I was overwhelmed by everything needing to be done so I made the whiteboard list and... didn't feel any better. Robert told me get dressed and go to the gym while they cleaned. So I totally took him up on that. :D He's the best husband ever.

While they worked on the office, swept the floors, mopped, and vacuumed, I ran and watched Joy Duggar get married on TLC. I almost cried at the gym while they were saying their vows and honoring Jesus while the entire world watched!

I got back home after an hour on the treadmill and felt a zillion times better. Exercise makes a huge difference in how I feel and I haven't been able to get in as much as I need these last two weeks with how crazy life has been lately. :) But today was another great reminder of how good it is for me!

We cleaned up and ate lunch and dinner at the same time. :D We're running on an unusual schedule so we went out to eat mid-afternoon and we're having cereal for dinner.

all my girls!!!
When we got home, I had a dessert to make with the littles while the boys mowed. :) I love my linen ring sling- I'm telling you: when the baby gets in, she instantly falls asleep! I am so glad my midwife introduced me to this style of sling! :)

She's getting so chubby I could just eat her up! :D Ah, I love her!

I made this easy saltine toffee while Ivy-loo sat on the counter destroying crackers and trying to steal chocolate chips: :)

I managed to keep her out of most of the actual dessert. :) I hope it turns out- if it doesn't, we're bringing grapes! I can't mess up those. :P

After I made dessert, it was time for boy haircuts (a last-minute decision that didn't make the list). I'll have to show you before and afters another day if the Lord allows. :) I have about as much luck with haircuts as I do food experiments, so you never know what you're going to get when mama cuts your hair... :)

After haircuts x 4 it was bath time x 7, and now they're eating their cereal before bedtime.  :)

I hope you get to rest in Him tomorrow!

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