our trip north, small town love + storage projects

Oh, this week has been a really long whirlwind! Yesterday we left town early and drove to Oklahoma for the funeral. On the way there we stopped in one of the bigger towns and ate at Subway- a treat since we never, ever eat with the kids there because they can eat a footlong each. :)

We didn't buy them that many subs this time, but we did get 3 foot-longs for the kids to share and one for the dad. :) $31 is almost a good deal for us to eat out these days with five adult appetites in the house. :)

This was after the funeral- I love, love her tiny hand on top of her daddy's:

Robert officiated the service and I thought he did such a wonderful job. It's absolutely amazing to see how God has worked in and changed someone who passionately hated public speaking into a preacher. God still does crazy miracles, I tell you!! What a blessing it is to have the chance to speak.

On the long way home, I got to see the beauty of old East Texas towns:

This kind of situation greeted us when we got home late last night. For some reason on Tuesday, I reached the limit of my ability to handle the overflowing shoe storage problem we have so I had the kids sort through and take out all their old ones. :) We just never had time to finish it!

This morning we were back to school again, so I decided to tackle another reorganization project- culling the old curriculum:

And I have yet to finish that one either!! Life has been all.over.the.place. :)

I was extremely tired this afternoon, so I rested while the kids happily made their choice of blueberry pancakes for dinner:

Good thing I didn't plan too much else this week, right? ;)

So, so thankful tomorrow is a new day to try again. :) Lord willing, I'll wake up and finish something! :P

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