the bar is happily low + goals this week

It felt so awesome to reach into the fridge and pull out groceries this weekend!! We stocked up on all kinds of good stuff:

Speaking of groceries- I was surprised that Sam's has Thanksgiving food stocked already. They are on the ball!

I can't even think about next week right now, ha! The bar must be set pretty low around here because I felt happy about making a couple of days' worth of salad in advance. :)

The weather is probably not helping me get in the holiday mindset, either. It was humid and as hot as June when I went out for exercise at lunch time. At least it was still as gorgeous as summer:

Tonight we have another late night planned, so I was glad to get a workout done earlier than at 4:30 like last week. :)

Here are my goals for this week:

:: do ::
pray alone
exercise 4-5x
goal 5k steps/day
work on Declare conference/plans
mop floors (Saturday)
share exciting news + blog every day
make eye appointment
take kids to special outing

:: read ::
2 Samuel, Psalms, Luke
Bible study homework

:: learn ::
Psalm 16 (the rest of this month)

:: be ::

God adopted me into His family! He loves me and chose me in Christ before the world began and He redeemed me! He disciplines me because I am a legitimate child of His! I am going to see Him one day very soon. It's all going to be better than okay! :) This world and all its pleasures is so temporary. I just want to love Him and obey Him with all my heart, because He is worthy of all praise and honor, and glory forever!!

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