what we've been eating lately: thrown together meals

Our meals lately have been all about easy one pot meals made from leftover bases. :)

We usually have rice left from lunch, so I like to throw cooked veggies in and heat it up the next day:

When we had Bible study one night, I threw these red potatoes in with chicken breast and rosemary garlic seasoning in the dutch oven and baked it for an hour or so. It was perfect together:

Another favorite one-pot trick I love to use is adding extra leftover noodles from the night before! I sautéed mushrooms in olive oil and added garlic and salt and already cooked penne pasta:

And of course, salads have been in high rotation too. I can't get enough colorful bell peppers!

In desperation I made up a healthier version of chicken pot pie soup for lunch with canned chicken, frozen mixed veggies, and added cashew butter, water, and garlic salt for the cream and was thrilled with how it turned out:

One night Robert had most of a huge Sam's bag of Asian Stir-fry. I eat it on occasion but I don't love broccoli too much so I'm not a big fan right now: :)

I wish I had all the time to make everything from scratch, but I'll gladly take the quick version when I have a baby that's fussy every evening and I'm just ready to get dinner done. :) Frozen biscuits, carton hash browns, and eggs made dinner at home possible one night:

While the kids had breakfast for dinner, Robert and I had his and hers salads topped with fruit because we were completely out of veggies:

Sometimes being out of everything is a good thing because it makes you think outside of the box! To make a salad more filling for him, I added leftover cold noodles, and more avocado and toppings:

I'm not sure why, but this bag sat in my pantry not being eaten for way too long when I was pregnant. I must have had a strange aversion because it's so good:

And then we had 6 leftover overripe bananas so I took a chance after seeing a recipe and added half a can of pumpkin, 2 eggs, and lots of maple syrup to make muffins:

It could have been bad, but at the last minute they gelled together and then I think Zane ate half of them by himself. :D I love having so many kids- usually someone will eat my thrown together meals!!

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