a gorgeous family getaway day

We rented a little vacation house for a couple of days to celebrate our birthdays this week! I so missed blogging this weekend because I lost my computer cord, but thankfully I found it at my dad's house yesterday afternoon so I could be able to share today. :)

The kids are always so excited to pack up and go anywhere, even if it's just a couple of hours away:

And then they always enjoy the traditional snack gathering: 

But my favorite part, hands down, is this kind of morning in a cozy room:

We have been soaking up every minute of the wonderful weather too! It was just gorgeous out:

I had the best time running a new route. We live in a very hilly neighborhood, so a flat road felt amazing!

Ahhh, I do believe the south has the prettiest sky views:

No matter where we go in Texas, it's just lovely. I'm so thankful to call this huge state home. :)

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