birthday celebrations galore

Our birthday celebrations have officially ended for the year (in our immediate family, at least!). We ate and ate and ate again- so much so, it felt like a week-long feast! :D Monday was Robert's birthday- we had lots of regular activities that took up most of the day, but thankfully we had a little time to enjoy a special lunch too:

And right before our class, we had the chance to go on a little date to the used bookstore!

We are so blessed to have been given another year with such a wonderful man who loves us all so much. :) I think getting older makes you appreciate the time spent together all the more.

As much as I love birthdays and all the celebrations, after so much partying it always feels good to get back to a normal routine and regular eating again! :D And I'll admit, I'm secretly looking forward to lowering the family's sugar intake too... ;)

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