serving up all the hot food (eats lately)

All week long I was a day off- I thought Friday was coming much sooner than it did. ;)

We've had a beautiful week here in Texas, and we're so enjoying a little break from the heat. October is my favorite month by far, though November feels much more like fall. :)

Even with the hot temps, we still eat warm food on a regular basis! It's been a little while since I got to share what we've been eating lately- here's a taste... ;)

1. Polenta grits. Just corn, water, and salt:

The adults like boiled cornmeal, but the kids- not so much... :)

2. Our quick lunchtime version of chicken tikka masala:

Surprisingly, most of the kids eat this one! I only have one who won't eat the chicken, and one who won't eat the rice. :)

3. Omelets:

The parents ate this egg white one, and I let the kids make their own eggs:

4. Fried sweet "doughnuts":

The kids made dough for bread and for the first time ever, we fried it and added sugar and caramel for a dessert similar to a funnel cake! (but way more filling!)

5. Chicken penne pasta inspired by this recipe:

I took the leftover pasta (sans chicken) and made a different lunch with sour cream and Italian dressing:

It's definitely taking more hearty meals to fill up the big kids these days. The oldest three eat more than most adults! We add staples and carbs to a lot of meals just to give them more roughage! ;)

I still eat this really often instead of pasta or pizza:

6. Speaking of pizza, we found a new favorite we've never had until a couple of weeks ago: Domino's! It's delicious!!

I can't believe we're up to four of them now. I wonder how many pizzas will we be eating in another 5 years?? 

Good thing we only have to take it one day at a time, right? :) We don't have to be anxious about anything (Phil. 4:6)- God always provides food we need for His growing little humans. :)

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