a trip to the zoo + numbering the days

In the midst of another busy week/weekend we had the chance to go to the zoo! :) My mom came for a visit and took us there. It was a fun treat, and I so love that my kids get to visit the same zoo that I visited with my grandmother: :)

My, how life goes by. They're growing up so fast!

I blogged this picture six years ago:

Something crazy happens to your kids from the ages of 8 to 14 that makes you start to wonder where the time went:

And it was Naomi's first trip to the zoo. She didn't seem to care much quite yet. ;)

But Ivy loved it. :) We came a bit underdressed for the chilly day, and her Granna went to buy her a pretty pink sweatshirt, but Ivy chose this striped scarf instead (which fits her personality to a T):

It was actually chilly enough that my mom treated us all to hot chocolate- our first of the season! 

It was a fantastic day! 

For the rest of the week it was back to usual. I am still nursing this little lady every couple of hours through the day (and most of the night, ha). She is growing like crazy and weighed 15+ lbs. the last time we checked. 

These littles keep me hopping. Most days I feel like I have been transported back to 2007 when I three 3 and under... and even 10 years later with more experience it's still challenging. :)

Only this time, these three littles are now our big preteen and teenage helpers:

2007 (blog post)
It's almost hard to believe it happened so quickly.

What I said about having so many littles 10 years ago means even more to me now than it did then:
I would be lying if I said that having three small children is easy- but when I look at each one of their precious faces, I remember that raising them is a daunting task because it so very important. Every single day I am helping to shape them into the adults they will become. It's such a great responsibility that it's scary- and yet at the same time I am so honored that God has allowed me to have these great little children.
I'm over halfway there with the first three, and our time together is growing shorter and shorter. I pray the Lord teaches me and gives me a heart of wisdom to number the days I have left with them.

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. 
Psalm 90:12

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