getting it checked out + a fresh start

We've spent lots of time this week at doctor's appointments all over town. I have had a lump growing on my thyroid that we got checked out, so I had to get an ultrasound which wasn't nearly as fun as the baby kind. ;) But thankfully so far I've had to have nothing painful done other than getting blood drawn. :) 

Technology has come so far- now they have pagers that track you from admission to the nurse calling you back!! They don't even have to yell your name anymore. :)

We also had one other appointment that didn't involve me- Ava had her first eye checkup!

She just barely needed glasses, thankfully, so we're taking the doctor's advice and holding off as long as we can on getting her prescription filled. 

I had never been to an eye appointment before- I can't believe anyone can hold still while someone shoots something into their eye (even just air!)! I also didn't realize that the doctor asks you if you can see the eye chart over and over as they figure out your prescription. It was so interesting!

After Ava's visit and two of mine, we spent so long out that we called school off for the afternoon and deep cleaned and rearranged instead. Here's what it looked like at the midpoint of rearranging:

I like to tear everything up and clean underneath it every once in a while.  It gets really dirty under the desks and in the corners, even though the kids clean up at the end of the day:

We're still working on finishing, but we changed our set up to computer lab style: :)

It feels so much better to rearrange and wipe everything down. :) It's like getting a fresh start!

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