thanksgiving celebrations + even the chickens like it

We had another wonderful, whirlwind Thanksgiving holiday at our house. Like most of November here, the weather last week was mild and lovely. I think even the chickens can appreciate our Texas fall:

And oh, my runs have been so much cooler now that it's down to the mid-70's! :)

Right before the break we made it a science and painting day:

Then last Tuesday we went grocery shopping, and on Wednesday I sat down to plan the order of events:

I made almost everything I could in advance on Wednesday afternoon, including the baked goods: 

Then Thursday morning it was down to heating the smoked turkey, baking the rolls and pre-made dishes, and cooking the veggies:

I forgot to take pictures when it came time to eat, but it ended up being a great meal with family and friends. We were so stuffed, the adults only ate once all day!

After an entire day of resting, late Friday night we had a return to make (well after the rush!) at Academy. Apparently these puffy chairs were hot items:

Finally, on Sunday we had our second round of Thanksgiving out of town, and I joke that it tasted especially delicious because I didn't make anything but desserts! ;) I loved seeing more family!

Lord-willing, I will see you tomorrow for our next week of study! :) I hope you'll join me here!!

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