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Is it me, or is December one of the busiest months of the year? I remember being little and thinking December was the slowest month ever, and now it flies so fast I'm not even sure where it went. :)

I have so many pictures to share from our last couple of weeks. I enjoyed blogging every day, so once everyone gets back to a routine in January, I hope to get back to blogging about life a little at a time again!

We took a trip to Sam's Club (ok, maybe a few more trips than one!), and we found this amazing (hilarious) desk on clearance for $99. It was slightly tempting to buy it, because it meant I could combine blogging with exercising! ;)

Genius, right? If they only had it in white. ;)

We did pick up some adorable matching jammies for the little girls though:

And recently one of our school chairs fell apart, so I used it as an excuse for a trip to IKEA: ;)

We didn't end up selecting a replacement chair since we couldn't agree on a style, but then we made it all the way to the office section where we remembered we had an old IKEA chair in the attic that didn't sell in the garage sale! Where did my brain go? :)

So we saved the office chair money, and bought Zane a big boy bed and mattress. Thankfully, the trip wasn't a total waste of time. :)

We've also had a few good lunches with my dad. Naomi is growing up (5 months old now!):

And then about a week ago, the weather was so cold that I had to dress like I lived up north! 37 degrees out while running here means that you pull out every piece of cold weather gear you have . :)

We also took the kids Christmas shopping at Ross for pillowcases. We let them draw names to make a craft again this year, and I tried to make it easy on them by letting them decorate a pillowcase with fabric paint for their person. :) 

Of course they wanted to peruse the toy aisle too so we shopped for a while, and I have to say for the record that my husband looked right at me and said something to the effect of, "I actually think I like shopping. It's fun."

If only I could have gotten that on tape. ;)

And another day, a sweet friend brought us Christmas treats from their family baking party:

She definitely found the right family to give baking treats- they disappeared in less than a day, and that was with everyone getting a few bites at a time! I had to call the last cake ball so Robert could have a taste of one! :)

Looking back over the last few weeks, there is so much life and so much joy in the midst of hard days. :) Oh, how blessed we really are.

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