goals this week (do, read, learn, be)

Our Monday night Bible class ended last week, so today I'm using the extra time to write! :) We have had quite the time keeping up with life in the last month. :P Looking back, our whole year has been like that too, hahah! But thankfully, many of the harder things that kept us on our toes were worth-it, long-term kinds of things. I don't regret them at all. :)

This week we have a couple of commitments in the beginning of the week and a fun small group party to throw this weekend! :) I'm also about halfway through gift buying so I have a few things to check off my list that I can't share here. ;) Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this week, Lord-willing:

// do //

clean pantry
organize winter clothes (round 2)
finish chalkboard wall
order presents x 3
buy sugar cookie supplies
plan party game
grocery shop for party
clean the downstairs
make party food
run 3x, weight lift 1x
wrap 7 presents
Sweet Gospel live video on Wednesday (over here)
attend party #2 + bring/make dessert

// read //

the Bible
The Sweet Gospel Week 4

// learn //

listen to sermons x 2

// be // 

full of praise
I find the more self-focused I think, the more unhappy I feel. I want to focus on God and His glory and His wondrous love! He is the reason I have joy! :)

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